About Me

I’m an experienced visual designer with an equal dedication to producing great interactive work and helping build strong design teams.

There are few things more frustrating than knowing that solutions to the world’s problems exist that people can’t find, can’t use, or can’t trust. Throughout my career, I've found data visualization to be one of the most effective ways of revealing hidden solutions, but I've also enjoyed surfacing more intangible value through visual brand design.

With 10 years experience, I believe all design is UX design - and all software engineers, salespeople, project managers, CEOs, and office administrators are Creatives.

Through writing, presentation, doodles, prototypes, well-timed GIFs, and more, I work hard to make sure everyone in the room feels encouraged to dive into the group effort of visual design.

A photograph of Sam Vogt on a ferry boat
Photo by Tom Vogt


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