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Hope Underwater: Coral Reefs

I worked with Room 302 Studio and the Wildlife Conservation Society to produce a visual style and website design for an educational report on the future of conservation for coral reefs.

About WCS

The Wildlife Conservation Society focuses on wildlife preservation through science, community engagement, and conservation initiatives. Focused on safeguarding endangered species and habitats, WCS combats illegal wildlife trade, promotes sustainability, and advocates for the coexistence of humanity with the natural world.

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my design role

Primary Visual Designer

This project was a collaboration between myself (visual design), Room 302 Studio (engineering and data science), and the Wildlife Conservation Society, the client.

Due to the timeline and scope of this project, my approach focused on creating an engaging asethetic and applying it creatively to a predefined content structure. Fore more in-depth case studies, try Axiom Data Experience or

Project Goal

Help WCS create a visually engaging report to share new science on an effective conservation strategy for coral reefs, as well as showcase a dataset presenting the locations of sensitive reefs.

My Contribution & Functions

  • Define a visual style unique to this narrative, content, and data
  • Apply the new visual style to an existing content structure
  • Work really fast!


  • Project Lead (WCS)
  • Front-end Engineer (Room 302 Studio)
  • Data Scientist (Room 302 Studio)

Style Inspiration

To convey a sense of gravity and awe, while remaining optimistic, I sought inspiration from science museum websites. I was particularly captivated by design approaches that featured glowing elements against dark backgrounds.

Sketch provided by Room 302 Studio - sometimes all you need is clear structure and hierarchy to get a design started!

Visual Design

Some design processes take months - and others don't! This design came together over the course of several days. There are always details to adjust with more time, but it was an instructive experience to just see what happens when you move fast.

Map creation and styling by Room 302 Studio with inspiration from my visual design mockups

A note about scope

As a designer, one of my favorite challenges is deciding how to adapt and tailor my approach to projects that vary in scope and duration.

I recognize that not every case study will speak to all parts of the design process, but I still like to include work that demonstrates progress with limited scope.

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