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Mission Driven Data

I helped Mission Driven Data communicate the richness of their brand message by augmenting their existing visual brand and creating a new homepage experience.

About The Organization

Mission Driven Data creates software products that connect patient data sources to visualization tools to create analysis opportunities that help behavioral health clinics serve their populations better.

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my design role

Contract Visual Designer

I worked with Mission Driven Data's team on an existing website redesign project to help guide the work to completion.

My work on this website demonstrates how I augment an existing team and work with an information structure and visual brand that is already established.

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Project Goal

Help Mission Driven Data ensure that their visual brand communicates their organizational values clearly, and embed those values into their new website using visual design.

My Contribution & Functions

  • Conduct a collaborative, iterative brand refinement process based on (but not limited to) existing Mission Driven Data brand elements.
  • Apply the new visual brand to to an in-progress web redesign project
  • Collaborate with Mission Driven Data's web developer to ensure the final website comes to life in high fidelity.


  • Operations Director
  • CEO
  • Web Developer

Website Review & Audit

Mission Driven Data felt that their previous website design wasn't quite capturing the right balance between trustworthy and approachable. In addition, I helped identify opportunities to repurpose existing visual design elements for a more refined look without losing connection to their existing visual assets.

Establishing Design Goals

I led several collaborative sessions with Mission Driven Data's team to help them express the deeper organizational values behind their existing visual brand. I compiled and synthesized their input into a series of guiding principals for visual design

Translating Visual Style

After we had agreed on a solid expression of organizational values, I reimagined elements of their existing website using several different approaches to visual design. We discovered that a refinement of their existing colors and typefaces resonated better than introducing new color or dramatically different typographic treatements.

Final Visual Design

Using the most successful elements of the preceding visual design phase, I created a series of mockups to help guide the homepage redesign. The result speaks more clearly to Mission Driven Data's organizational values and spells out more concretely exactly what the organization does and how they serve their clients.

A note about scope

As a designer, one of my favorite challenges is deciding how to adapt and tailor my approach to projects that vary in scope and duration.

I recognize that not every case study will speak to all parts of the design process, but I still like to include work that demonstrates progress with limited scope.

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