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Hello there! I'm Sam Vogt, an experienced designer with a focus on data visualization.

For over 12 years, I've helped organizations and teams express their mission and values through thoughtful visual design. I specialize in branded data communication tools and visualization experiences that transform information into action.

About & Contact

Product Design Case Studies

The following projects were completed as part of full-time design roles with product companies and showcase my contributions to user experience and design teams over time.

data design strategy


Axiom Data Experience

I worked with Syntellis to develop a strategic approach to building data experiences that help large organizations secure long-term financial health.

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financial planning product


Axiom Market Benchmarks

I worked with Syntellis to create an interface to help financial institutions understand their performance relative to their markets, while advancing Syntellis' goals toward a unified data product.

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Public Health Tool


I worked with Kinsa Health to build a publicly accessible news source for contagious illness, built around a unique dataset from Kinsa's network of app-connected smart thermometers.

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Data Visualization Case Studies

The following projects were completed while working as a contract designer with agencies, in particular studios that focus on data visualization. They showcase my ability to orient quickly to new teams and provide meaningful design solutions within existing brands.

Interactive Data Visualization


The Berggruen Index

I worked with Stamen Design to help The Berggruen Institute make global government easier to understand by creating an interactive data exploration tool based on a complex educational index.

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Research Interface


MPG Ecosystem Interface

I worked with Stamen Design to help MPG Ranch make their data more accessible and educational by creating an interface system for research & learning.

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Visual Design Showcase

The following projects were completed as part of short-term design contracts. Projects like these aren't as heavy on strategic thinking, but emphasize the aesthetic side of visual design, working outside typical team dynamics to try new things and experiment rapidly.

small business website redesign


Mission Driven Data

I helped Mission Driven Data communicate the richness of their brand message by augmenting their existing visual brand and creating a new homepage experience.

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educational website


Hope Underwater: Coral Reefs

I worked with Room 302 Studio and the Wildlife Conservation Society to produce a visual style and website design for an educational report on the future of conservation for coral reefs.

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air quality monitoring


Aclima Brand & Map UI

I worked with Porpoise Studio and Aclima to create a visual brand and series of interface designs around a novel dataset to raise awareness of air quality issues in underrepresented communities.

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If you're looking for an experienced visual designer with a focus on data visualization, let's get in touch!

About & Contact
I custom-built this portfolio with Webflow - a visual site builder that, despite superficial similarities, is decidedly unlike Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, or just about anything else. I love to talk about the ways Webflow breaks down old silos and improves the partnership between design and development.